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Aradhna Dursun is a dynamic self-art mentor, healer, light language soul activator, and channeler whose journey is a testament to resilience and transformation. Navigating through a life filled with ups and downs, Aradhna’s experiences have become her driving force and message of service. Her life has been her greatest teacher, propelling her to make bold decisions and break free from societal norms.


How can I support you

Unlock individual and team potential through personalized coaching, retreats, consulting, and interactive workshops.

Health and Wellness

We explore the connection between your physical and energetic health. This can include practices like nutrition, guided meditations, breathwork exercises, and techniques to promote relaxation and stress management.

Energy Healing

Experience a revitalizing energetic tune-up. We use techniques to cleanse and balance your energy field, promoting a sense of peace and harmony within.


Manifest Anything

Learn to harness the power of your intention and co-create your desires with the Universe. We offer guidance and practices to help you manifest your dreams.

Soul Activation For Light Language

Unlock the divine power within you through Soul Activation for Light Language. This transformative practice connects you to higher frequencies and spiritual realms, allowing the pure essence of your soul to communicate through sacred sounds and symbols. As you activate your light language, you will experience profound healing, heightened intuition, and a deeper connection to your true self and the universe. Embrace this journey of enlightenment and let your soul’s unique voice shine brightly.

Activation of Five Elements

Embark on a transformative journey with the Activation of Five Elements, a practice designed to harmonize and balance the core energies within you. By aligning with the earth, water, fire, air, and ether elements, you can restore equilibrium, enhance your well-being, and deepen your connection to the natural world. Experience profound healing and spiritual growth as you activate these elemental forces, fostering inner peace and vitality. Let the power of the five elements guide you to a more harmonious and empowered life.

Healing, Cleansing And Programming Crystals

Elevate your spiritual practice with Healing, Cleansing, and Programming Crystals. This essential ritual purifies your crystals, removes negative energies, and infuses them with your intentions. By regularly cleansing and programming your crystals, you amplify their natural healing properties, promote emotional balance, and enhance your manifestations. Embrace this sacred process to connect deeply with your crystals and unlock their full potential on your spiritual journey.

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Here are services offered!

Unwind, Recharge, and Embrace Your Potential.

Welcome to a world of self-discovery and empowered well-being! We offer a diverse range of holistic services designed to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. Whether you seek stress relief, a deeper connection to your intuition, or a renewed sense of vitality, we have something for you.

Health And Wellness

Health and wellness are achieved through a harmonious balance of nutrition, exercise, rest, and mindfulness, nurturing both the body and mind.

Energy Healing

Energy healing involves using subtle energies to restore balance and promote healing in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual..

Unleash Your Manifesting Power

Is a program that teaches individuals how to leverage their thoughts and actions to manifest their goals and desires into reality.

Soul Activation For Light Language

A transformative workshop that activates individuals' spiritual essence through the use of light language.

Activation of Five Elements

Practice that harmonizes and energizes the body by aligning with the elemental energies of earth, water, fire, air, and space.

Cleansing And Programming Crystals

Practice of clearing their energy and imprinting them with intentions to maximize their healing and energetic properties.

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How It Works

3 Steps to Your Wellness Journey

We make self-discovery and well-being easy! Here’s a simple breakdown of how our services work:


Chat & Connect

First, we chat to learn about YOU and what you'd like to achieve. This might involve relaxation techniques or ways to tap into your intuition.

Talent management

Dive Deeper

Next, we dive into your chosen service! This could be energy healing, manifesting your dreams, or exploring light language.


Stay Balanced

This is a flexible path, and we'll work together to create a plan that fits your unique needs. Let's embark on your wellness journey today!


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Health and Wellness focuses on practices to promote your overall well-being, while other services like Energy Healing or Soul Activation target specific aspects of your energy or spirit..

Energy healing sessions are designed to be deeply relaxing. Imagine comfortably resting while the practitioner helps cleanse and balance your energy field. You might feel warmth, tingling, or even see colors – all normal responses! Drink plenty of water afterwards, and allow yourself to integrate the experience. You may feel the benefits for days or even weeks.

Unleash your inner magnet! Manifesting Power is about attracting what you want. We’ll guide you on visualizing your desires and setting clear goals, so you and the Universe can work together to make them a reality.

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1 on 1 Session

Whether you’re just starting your exploration or want to take your practice to the next level, 1-on-1 sessions offer a powerful way to unlock your potential for well-being. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your session!

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